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Blog Posting Campaigns -
(Campaigns start at $325 per month)  


Video Posting Campaigns -
(Campaigns start at $111 per month)  

- Social Media Management and Outreach -

(Campaigns start at $230 per month)

-  Music Licensing Submissions -
(Campaigns start at $71 per month)


Video Lifestyle Exposure Campaigns 
(Campaigns start $325 per month)

- Spotify Campaigns -
(Campaigns start at $250 per month; we GUARANTEE placements!)


Press Release Distribution: Postings
(Campaigns start at $45 per month) 

- Facebook Group Postings
(Campaigns start at $193 per month)


- YouTube Tastemaker Postings
(Campaigns start at $193 per month)

- Press eBlast Campaigns 
(Campaigns start at $37 per month) 


Traditional PR (TV, Radio, Print, Online) -
(Campaigns start at $1,438 per month; we GUARANTEE placements!)


- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Your Website 
(Campaigns start at $216 per month)
(Search Engine Submissions only are just $32 per month)

Booking Solicitation eBlasts -
(Campaigns start at $250 per month)

- Event Postings -
(Campaigns start at $98 per month)

App Marketing -
(Campaigns start at $325 per month)

- Directory Submissions -
(Campaigns start at $193 per month)


We also offer Comprehensive Viral Music Marketing Pre-Built Packages Including a 
Variety of the Above Services that run between 2 and 6 Months.

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Note:  Starting prices notated above refer to 4 month campaigns with the exception of the 
Spotify campaign which runs and bills over 3 months (regardless of whether you purchase a  3 or 4 month campaign)

"A La Carte" Services

Online, Viral & Traditional
= Guaranteed Revenue Generating Service 

(generating revenue from SoundExchange, PRO, etc.)

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