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“My recent experience with Gale Rosenberg and Web ‘n Retail has taught me a lot.   Rarely in my 45 years in the live concert business have I had such an honest,  intelligent and driven ally.  Gale and her team proved to me that some people in the business are still dedicated to hard work and integrity.  It has been a pleasure and good fortune to have had Web ‘n Retail on my team.”

         -  Larry Shaeffer, President,
Little Wing, LLC Tour Promotions


“Thanks for the excellent service you are providing!  You are our ace in the hole when we get a tour booked!

                    -  Charlotte Quinn,
CEO of Q Entertainment

”This is great! The show is sold out! If you receive any more requests or anything we need stop the presses and let everyone know it is sold out! Robert and I reviewed today and really happy with these results. We will have to look for other shows that would be a good fit for a service like this.”

-  Stefanie Porolniczak,
Outback Concerts

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