Comparisons Of a Few Companies' Campaigns, That Offer Spotify Pitching Services

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Over a year ago, when we were initially shopping for Spotify Promotion Services for our Clients (before we began offering them ourselves), it was a bit over-whelming to try to understand all the differences in services and to select the one that was going to provide our Client with the most bang for their buck, as well as longevity of the results of their campaigns.

As  we do with all things we do here at Web 'n Retail, we did our homework and studied our options. In doing so, we gathered the information we could glean, and we tried to compare "apples to apples" by inputting the information onto a spreadsheet in order to best analyze it.  Then once we hired 2 of the companies, we input our results as well.

Since we did so much legwork - and in keeping with our motto of transparency, we decided to SHARE with you our research to save you having to do the same work!   We added our own services and our own Client's results from our services, to our spreadsheet so you can also compare our campaigns to the other companies' campaigns we chose to hire at the time.

If you would like a copy of our spreadsheet in .xls so you can add your data to it, please contact and ask us to send it - we are happy to send it to you!

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