"Gale Rosenberg is on the cutting edge of online music marketing.  Her presentation is comprehensive and informative.  She is one the of best viral promotion people in the business."

-  Professor John Hartmann
School of Film & Television

UCLA Extension


Viral Marketing
Lectures & Coaching with Gale Rosenberg



Tandem Lectures with John Hartmann on Music Business (ex-principal of Hartmann and Goodman Mgmt.)

Social Media Lecture Video

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President  o f  R o c k  'n  R e t a i l,  LLC   a n d
Web 'n Retail, Gale Rosenberg, has been an Instructor, regular Guest Lecturer and Coach since 2009 at both UCLA Extension and Loyola Marymount University. She lectures on Online Music Marketing and Social Media Marketing to Business Students. 



Course Lectures Include:
-  Overview of Online Marketing Options

-  Laws Surrounding Online Music Marketing
-  Targeting Strategies

-  Social Media Marketing Strategies
-  Measurement Methods
-  Blogging Strategies
-  eBlast Strategies
-  PR Strategies

- "Entrepreneurship of the Independent Artist" (Lecture Series)

Coaching for Organizations & Individuals Includes:
-  Hands on Labs for All Activities Above
-  Development Strategies to Meet Goals
-  Organization
-  Measurement Methods

Gale Rosenberg was also the  Instructor for "Entrepreneurship of Independent Artist" Class at UCLA Extension during for the Summer Quarter of 2013. 
Her class provided students the arsenal they will need to move forward in their career by helping them with the preparation of their EPK's and Websites and h
elping students learn how to provide music marketing and social media marketing themselves. 


Weekly Guest Lecturers captivated the students by speaking about the variety of revenue streams available for musicians.   

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how to market music

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